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Hugs Reduce Blood Pressure and Heart Disease,

Morocco World News
Rabat, August 22, 2012

According to a study conducted by University of North Carolina, tender hugs reduce blood pressure which is one of the main risk factors to heart disease.

The study showed that hugs increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “love hormone”, which is best known for its roles in sexual reproduction.

The hormone of oxytocin triggers a “caring” or “bonding” response in both men and women, added the study.

The study explained that a daily dose of oxytocin mainly stimulated from hugging can help protect human beings from heart diseases and reduce stress.

Women seem to benefit more than men do from hugging as explained by the second phase of the University of North Carolina study.

“Male heart patients with good marriages stay healthier than do those living with conflict,” confirmed Brian Baker, University of Toronto psychiatrist, in his study on how marriage affects men’s hearts.

There is no doubt that hugs are reassuring, making the couple feel the warmth sensations and comfort, particularly when the hugs are exchanged by couples who share special feelings of love and strong emotions.

It is obvious that hugging pleases everyone and assures feelings of comfort and security when it is emotionally shared; since it is free and has proved healthy, people may need to hug their loved ones regularly.

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