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Shared from a friend having a conversation with his 2 adorable kids:

As we all know what love is, and most of us have felt the feeling i asked my kids today what they know and think about love. Very quickly we got into a logical reasoning about it and it occurred to me that we, people don't know what it is …

Here is what happened...

I asked, "Does a stone have feelings?"
Tanya (6yrs) answered "No, its just a stone, it can't have feelings"
I stupidly asked why…
Daniel (4yrs) answered "It has no hands, no legs and no eyes, it can't have feelings"
I said "So if i got really, really hurt, i can't love you?"
Tanya said "Of course you can"
Daniel said "Yes, ok daddy, a stone can have feelings, even you..."
Then Tanya said "But daddy, when you die, will you stop loving us then?"

I answered "Of course not", then "Duffy duck" on tv was more interesting than daddys future love for his kids, but I started to think about it...

Now here is the mind teaser…
If, a dead person can't have feelings, like a stone, then love is gone when someone is dead and the other part is just foolishly hanging on to old memories…

If, a dead person CAN have feelings, love is still there but on the other hand this means it is required some heaven etc ... religious thinking for storing and keeping the feelings alive as the body is fading away into other things like dirt, dust, flowers etc.

But we, mankind, really DONT KNOW, by fact (its just beliefs) and as consequence we don't know if love ceases to exist upon death or if it´s eternal...

Next thing…
IF there is a "heaven" and love is eternal, as the dead person´s body fades away and the feelings are either changeable or frozen at the last known state. If the feelings of a dead person are changeable, how do we, the others, KNOW that?
Will the dead person become sad / jealous / happy if the one alive falls in love again?
Is love replaceable at all, even for the one alive???

Lots of mind boggling thoughts about the very concept we fight for very much…
What is love, does it exist, is it eternal or is it just a hoax???

Yes while thinking really really deep about it, the only ones that gains on the concept of love is ownership, people control, power and most of all, making some people having better chances with more naive people, just by getting some flowers, candy and a pink package. Until they understand, they get either happy or fooled. If they get happy, they are easier to control and if they are fooled they are fooled.

Is it possibly so that the concept of love is a hoax but our feelings to someone else is more like a scary feeling to be alone in the dark???

We know that mankind is a social animal, maybe love is just a social structure getting its roots from our frightening to be left alone?
So whats the real problem of being alone?

Posted by AH at fb.

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