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education, care, inclusion, action, prevention, relief, sharity, solidarity.....

Our aim is: to be a space where we jointly can: Connect, Analyse, Lead, Inspire, Create, Empower, Solve - "what ever"! = CALICES!

Sheep misery out!

Peak Leadership/ Education!

1. Sharity

2. Healthcare

3. Environment

4. Entrepreneurship

5. Peacework

Peak Performance!

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A Rainbow Movement! Where we all Together Can achieve the Change!

"My mission is the Humanity, my nation is the Earth and my religion is the Peace!"

Quote: Naima

Wiki Think&Do Tank - If you like and value what we are aiming to do for our common future - Plz do then feel free to copy or take part of/ in our vision! One wish IS that you leave a note or comment at our blog! So - Let us spread hope!

 Get Out of/ In to the Box and Be the Change!

Together We Have and Can Make The Difference!

So let us network, netweave and netmove! For change!


"You have to have an idea of what you are going to do, but it should be a vague idea"

Pablo Picasso


So here We are; I wish there were multum av Picassos around!




‎"I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. "Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death." Leonardo da Vinci


Our aim is to build a Glocal Youth Institute - an independent think and do tank, dedicated to advancing, understanding and helping our youth/ kids for a prosper life and sustainable future!

It is time to collaborate and broaden the possibilities to make moves frwd - there is NO time to loose.

Let us start to build:
* an independent modern multidisciplinary research institute/ platform located where ever decided (multicenter concept is also an option with different issues at different places ..... as well as alter on- and offline options)

* conduct research on different youth issues. Focus on problem-solving methods
* initiate and develop solutions for different "youth problems" with focus on sustainability and progress!
* actively participate in the public debate, policymaking and dissemination of actual research results to the different community planning bodies and achieve the changes required.
* creative Institute where all can combine theory and practice!
And use the Data the best way we can! Continuously!



Societies are undergoing constant change and today we are experiencing larger, fastly transformative, tougher and more complex ones. We observe and note how the major social upheavals, in turn, affect the lives of many and increasingly, in one way or another. Higher demands on all social organisms with increasing pressure, reduced security/ safety and increased marginalization of many.


Societal problems are larger and more complex today why we need a cohesive and coherent approach and we do therefore intend to start here and now in proactive and innovative ways trying to find new ways to contribute to a social improvement with the motto 14ALL41 .

So: How, What and Why?
Create a Youth Institute - youth-skills-center with both heart and mind!


Young people today live in a constantly changing world, many feel generally unwell and unable to get the attention and support from the adult world that they do need and deserve. Schools and homes are increasingly perceived as unsafe places for many and it is difficult for young people from all walks of life to get a job and finding meaning, security/ safety and direction in life. There is a great need for knowledge of young people's health and a holistic youth center where young people's physical, mental, emotional and existential needs can be met.


Keywords: empowerment (positive power), compassion, care, tolerance, joy, warmth, participation, inclusion, wholeness, solidarity, faith, hope, love, availability, commitment, flexibility, integrity, creativity, freedom, responsibility...


Core areas: health, education, economics, housing, sustainability, peace, exchange, change for the better.

1. To create youth centers where young people are "made" important, where they can get help with existential concerns as well as purely physical and mental ailments, where they can receive guidance, mentoring and tools to contribute to their well-being and the well-being of their societies - based on their interests and abilities. In these youth centers they will be able to find a holistic context,  "healing" and a safe environment with fellow men who has the time to listen and be there for them.

2. To address the existential issues of responsibility, meaning in life, our role as individuals and community members. Address issues such as who am I, what do I want, who and how do I want to be?

3. To work from a holistic approach towards young people and people in general and capture the problems that currently fall between the cracks - between health-, social- and employment services. At this center the young people can meet the others with multiple skills acting from a holistic perspective to help young people sort out their problems and concerns about existential, structural or other problems. The solutions are invented in each session and not in a ready-made template! This requires cooperation between all concerned and cross the different professions.

4. To work on the Prevention and daring to look at and treat causes, not just their symptoms. Encourage young people to dare to face their lives here and now, today for tomorrow!

5. To encourage civil engagement as a way out of meaninglessness, hopelessness and confusion, put the power over own lives and the society back into the hands of youngsters together will adults. Young people should be able to ask for help without shame, but also given the opportunity to help others. Promote social transpreneurship - to transform situations, frustrations, anger and injustice into something constructive, something big, something positive, something good!

6. To be a multi-and trans-cultural meeting place where different cultural, social and generation clashes do converte to positive, constructive and potential meetings!

7. To open hearts, open heads, open all senses, extend arms and embrace! This center will be operated in a spirit of a mild anarchy heart and a strong "steinhead" who take things into own hands with the premise that all people should have the right to be included and considered as valuable resources regardless of circumstances, attributes and background!


8. To educate and form young people by making use of various resources that the center's aim is to create. Co-education and co-learning - with and from each other!


9. To build a unique example that can present the "Human" model when it is at its best peak shape.


10. To create a platform to demonstrate the opportunities for young people and inspire them to  contribute to a better future for themselves, their environment and society/ world at large.


Cooperation will be established with schools / universities, businesses and so on and contacts are already initiated.


Wanted: committed visionaries and "doers" who see opportunities and potential of making something good with the motto: 14ALL41! Now it has to be ENOUGH! Misery!






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