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                                    Bringing Education back to life

I think everyone can agree today that the educational system worldwide is suffering, suffering from loss of connection between fields, suffering from loss of purpose.

There is next to a billion project claiming to be THE ONE that can heal the system, but in the school of why we believe there is only one way to do so:

it’s to DO so. literally:

we are a platform that gathers passionate individuals with our same values, we offer coaching to these individuals so they can be effective at organizing classes in schools of their choice.

The themes discussed by these brilliant individuals touch the WHY, why do we study what we study? why would you spend years in the educational system? what’s the outcome? that’s where we build bridges, we bring clarity and hopefully inspire students to reflect, instead of learn the facts.

In order to join us you don’t need the IQ of Albert Einstein, you don’t need to be in a particular geographic zone and you don’t need to give us all of your hours.

You can join us anyday, start anywhere, with any topic you’re truly passionate about.

They teach lessons, we teach life.

If you believe in the why as strongly as we do, we’re happy to have you among us

Find out contact here:


Let’s do it, person to person.

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