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education, care, inclusion, action, prevention, relief, sharity, solidarity.....


all is about how we do choose to see things, to interprete and so on .... Much might seem illusive for someone but can be very real for someone else! I also think .... it might be about "Limited nonations" - Since I think even "nobodies" might be somebodies in one or an other context! Walls and walls .... The biggest walls are those (sometimes such kind of checkpoints, lines or any other limitating obstacles) we do create for ourselves and between each ..... Just trying to keep as free as I possibly can within a decent and responsible "liberty"!

Bricks and bricks to build walls and there are good bricks and bad bricks ... So for good and sustainable walls it is very important to choose the right bricks, have the right talks and take the right walks!



So what Am I? What Are We? Walls and walls ... Who to blame? Blame me, blame you, blame US! It is the only reasonable option to restore and save what might be possible to save ....

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